How To Get More Views, Likes, & Comments On All Your YouTube Videos


Dear Fellow YouTube Marketer,

If you’ve been struggling to get the views, comments, likes, and subscribers that your videos truly deserve, you’re about to become extremely happy indeed. You could even offer to rank other people’s videos for them as a service!

Which of the following apply to you?

  • You have no idea how to use video marketing in your business.
  • You know that creating video content is where you need to focus your time, but you don’t have a clue where to start.
  • You currently use video marketing, but you can’t seem to out-rank other people’s videos.
  • You have sleepless nights wondering how to SEO your YouTube videos.
  • You’re sick and tired of not living the life you want to live because you’re always too busy figuring out how to get more views on your videos.

At Last There’s A Sure-Fire Way To Achieve Top YouTube Rankings Every Time You Upload!

I spent months researching YouTube ranking factors, and what I recently discovered was a slight “glitch” in the ranking system, that can help your videos to get onto the first page of search results nearly every time!

Know The Best Keywords For YouTube SEO

As you know YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, just behind Google, and it’s no co-incidence that it’s also owned by Google. Crack the YouTube SEO code and you can get more views from both YouTube and Google search results.

No matter if you make gaming videos, makeup reviews, foodie videos, travel vlogs, music, whatever – you can benefit from this tool for getting more views on your videos, more likes, more exposure, and more comments. Of course if you’re monetizing your videos using Adsense, or other ways of monetizing those extra views equate to more money in your pockets.

Everyone knows video marketing works! 90% of online shoppers say that watching a video positively impacts their decision to purchase a product. Most people use YouTube when researching a product before purchase. Know the keywords they are using that have low competition and you can turn those searches into pure profit!

You are probably thinking if it’s that easy surely everyone would be doing it? The difficulty until now has been competing against everyone else uploading videos on the same topic. The videos in the top positions get all of the clicks. Hardly anyone ever scrolls down past the 10th video. Getting to the top has been very difficult in popular niches due to all the competition. That is, until now!..

Introducing TubeKAT – the YouTube Keyword Analysis Tool makes top rankings on YouTube literally as easy as pushing a button!


A complete PC-based YouTube video ranking software, complete step-by-step instructions in PDF format (fully updated for 2017) helps you to:

  • get-youtube-viewsFind the keywords that have the highest search volume, and are easiest to rank for.
  • Increase views on your video by targeting highly relevant key phrases.
  • Increase the watch time on your videos to help your channel become featured on YouTube.
  • Increase likes, comments, subscribers to your channel, and shares of your video.
  • Earn more money through Google Adsense, or clicks to affiliate products you promote in your videos.

Sure you can guess which keywords to use, and you will get some success – but with TubeKAT you will be able to multiply your views, and catapult your videos to the TOP of the YouTube search results!

Just imagine how your watch time will increase when virtually every video you upload gets featured on the first page of the YouTube search results, because you are targeting high search volume, and low competition targeted keywords.

Those extra viewers will lead to more watch time, more likes, more subscribers, more comments, more social media sharing, more Google Adsense revenue if you have your videos monetized, more leads, and more sales if you use your videos to market affiliate products!

Imagine how good will you feel when you start outranking all of your competitors!

Here’s what you’re getting:

Made for Windows 10As well as the PC-based YouTube keyword ranking software, you will receive by instant download a complete training guide in PDF format covering:

  1. Researching relevant high search volume long tail keywords.
  2. Checking the competition of the keywords.
  3. Select the keywords with the highest search volume and lowest competition.
  4. Putting the keywords in the right places to get the most views.

Bonus Training:
You’ll also learn the secret to selecting the best YouTube keyword tags that can also help to boost the number of views you get on your videos, as well as a follow-up optimization strategy you can use a few weeks after uploading your video to give it a further boost!

Exclusively Online Support Group
If you need any help, I will be on hand to answer your questions, via our secret facebook group just for people who invest in the TubeKAT system.

Now you can concentrate on producing amazing videos for your audience, and save hours of time researching the best keywords. With TubeKAT it’s done in seconds!

money-back-guarantee100% Risk Free Guarantee

If in the unlikely event that your views don’t increase as a result of implementing this training and software, just let me know, and I will refund you money in full within 60 days of purchase.


James Winsoar.
Marketing online since 1999.

PS. Try TubeKAT yourself for 60 days. If you don’t get see an increase in views on your YouTube uploads, I will give you your money back. The introductory price must end soon, so order now, and save $20!

If you have any questions please visit our support page.